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Get a lifetime upgrade to DragonBill Blaze and a month of free transactions.

Welcome to your new Control Centre: invoicing, payments, automated receipts, client history and expense tracking.

Our CEO freelanced across the world and through DragonBill's early stages - we've built DragonBill with the tools freelancers & consultants need and features they want.

what you get

What you get

As a member of Co-Hab Adelaide, you get a free upgrade to DragonBill Blaze for the lifetime of your membership.

FeatureFire-starterBlazeDragon's Den
Transaction fee2.4%1.7%1.5%
Automated Receipts
Automated Payment Notification
Unlimited invoices
Flexible Payments
Record Expenses
Time tracking
Time/rate calculator
Itemised invoices
Customer History
Automated reminders
Control Centre
Performance Metrics
Real time performance feedback
On call financial advice
Monthly Subscription$0$20 $0$50 taking reservations
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