We've built DragonBill from the ground up for sole traders.

Full of features that you need to run your business the way you want to.



Automated Receipts. FIND OUT MORE
Automated Payment Notification. FIND OUT MORE
Automated reminders sent to overdue customers. FIND OUT MORE
Accept credit card, debit card, direct deposit & Paypal. No merchant account required. FIND OUT MORE
Express or Secured payments. FIND OUT MORE
Payment dispute resolution. FIND OUT MORE
You choose who pays the fees - you or your customer. FIND OUT MORE
Unlimited invoices. FIND OUT MORE
Online invoices can be created, opened & paid on any device. FIND OUT MORE
Itemised invoices: record expenses, time/rate, materials or the whole project cost. FIND OUT MORE
Record Expenses. FIND OUT MORE
Customer History. FIND OUT MORE
Easy to use dashboard. FIND OUT MORE
Performance metrics. FIND OUT MORE


Our transaction fees are market leading and we offer full transparency and flexibility with our fees. We'll even show you how much the fee is before you send the invoice.

Monthly Subscription$0
Express Payment Direct Deposit0.9%
Express Payment Card1.7%
Express Payment Paypal2%
Cash, cheque etcfree
Secured Payment Direct Deposit2.7%
Secured Payment Card3%
Secured Payment PaypalNot available
Cash, cheque etcNot available

Who pays the fees?

It's up to you. You can choose which payment methods you want to accept and whether you or the customer pays the fee.




DragonBill is the control centre for your business. Everything you need to know in one place and easy to understand.

Where's your money?

Instantly see what you've earned, what you're owed and what's on the horizon.

Health report

Simple, useful charts and figures to help you keep on top of your business.

How you are performing?

Doing a cashflow analysis is time consuming, and a luxury many small businesses don't have time for. Our simple yet powerful dashboard makes it easy for you to assess the financial health of your business.



How much time do you spend on unproductive activities? Chasing invoice payments? Writing receipts? Balancing your books? Working out who's paid what? Chasing late invoice payments is not only a waste of time, but extremely frustrating. It's easy to put off until your next invoicing cycle. Not anymore!

When we discovered there wasn't a better way, we created one. We've automated time consuming taskes to help you get some balance.


We send a polite invoice due - the day before and the day it is due. If an invoice payment is overdue, we send two reminders a day - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


Who likes writing receipts? No-one. You've been paid, which is great but now you have to do more paperwork! We'll do that for you. Once an invoice is paid, we send a receipt to your customer

Payment notification

No more waiting in no-man's land wondering if your customer has paid an invoice. We'll notify you as soon as they make a payment.



Still using a shoe box for expenses? Our expense tracking makes it easy to seperate business and job related expenses to give you a better view of your business income.

Business expenses

These are expenses relating to you business: tools, new computer, utilities. Use our expenses feature to record the details, upload a photo of the receipt. This is useful for tax time and will all feed into your dashboard, giving you a more complete view of your income.

Job related expenses

You can record expenses relating to a job in the invoice. Simply setect 'expense' or 'materials' for the line item in the invoice. This alls feed into your dashboard, giving you a more complete view of your income.


Customer profile

We know what it is like when you are flat out in your small business. Heaps of jobs on the go, customers, suppliers, family and friends. It can be hard to keep track and you can find your self serching through emails, bank statements and notepads to see if a customer made a payment or to see what work you did last time.

DragonBill has a customer history. Simply search for a customer by name or email and you can see their complete history with you: all the jobs you've done, details, value and payment status. You can even use it as an address book, keeping all of their contact details.


Transparent fees

We always show you what the fees will be for your invoice before you send it.

You choose who pays the fees. Do you want to include DragonBill fees in your total, or add them on - it's up to you. Happy to wear the direct deposit fdee but want to pass the Paypal fee to the customer? No problem, you can set the fees for each payment type you accept.

Small businesses waste over
4 weeks a year invoicing, receipting & chasing payments.

Wouldn't you rather
have a holiday?

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