Dispute resolution

You're not alone if things don't work out.

We will work with both of you to reach a solution

Our dispute resolution service is part of our Secured Payment. Either party can lodge a dispute before final payment is released to the business.

Despite the best intentions, sometimes things don't work out. Even though a dispute is unpleasant, you can rest assured that your money is safe and we will work with you to find a solution. When a dispute is lodged by either party:


You both try to work things out

Non-Suggestive Resolution

We'll chat, see if anyone has an idea for resolution and see if that makes everyone happy.

Discovery and Recommendation

Our experts will investigate the dispute and make a recommendation that fits the situation.


If both parties don't like our recommendations, we refer you to external arbitration.

During a dispute you can expect us to:

  • be impartial
  • be transparent
  • honest
  • operate within the law
  • look for a solution of least resistance

Small businesses waste over
4 weeks a year invoicing, receipting & chasing payments.

Wouldn't you rather
have a holiday?

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