Our Mission

To elimate late payments to small business and give owners more time to be doing what they love.

Why sole traders?

Australian small business invoicing and payment activities take up five weeks a year. 57% of small businesses borrow to cover these outstanding invoices. Late payments also have a detrimental effect on business owner's health, family and relationships.

We found plenty of tools that did some of what you need, but nothing that did everything. Others you need a degree to work out how to use them. You're not an accountant, so why do you need an accounting package?

We've built DragonBill to help you get paid faster, to cut your admin and let you have a life.

Luke Hally, Founder - CEO

Luke has over 20 years in the web space. He has consulted to the Victorian government, LaunchVic, Austrade and industry on fintech and has written about fintech enabling small business and worked with beyondblue to help develop sole trader mental health resources.

Luke is DragonBill's driving force.

Luke's LinkedIn Profile

Mark Neil, Founder - CXO

Mark has run a family business for over 10 years. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small business, he knows all to well the pain of invoice payments. He is also a former football club treasurer and president.

Mark is DragonBill's ear to the ground and customer advocate.

Julie Hally, Design Director

Julie has over 15 years experience designing for a range of mediums. She has worked for many international brands. She is passionate about small business and about helping them stay on the path to success.

Julie's keen eye will help DragonBill's form keep up with it's function.

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Giving Back

We have taken The Banking and Finance Oath (The BFO). We were in the first 1000 signatories and are one of five 100% committed businesses.

We were part of a beyondblue and COSBOA working group, helping to develop mental health resources for sole traders and small business.

27% of small business
borrow to cover
late payments

Save your money –
take a holiday!

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